Michael Thomas-Knight: It’s All About Horror

Photo of Michael Thomas-Knight. Taken by Thomas-Knight.

“…He dreamed violent nightmares of blood and guts, where he had slain numerous screaming goats with a razor sharp buck knife. The blood splashed and squirted with abandoned and with his last slice of the blade the goats ceased to protest. When he looked down at his handy work they were no longer goats. He stood upon a pile of human bodies, the very top one being the pale body of Johnny Needles…”

Above is an excerpt from Michael Thomas-Knight’s latest novel, Skin Job.

Thomas-Knight is a 53-year-old author of horror novels. He lives in Long Island, New York and has been writing his whole life. Thomas-Knight wrote for underground music magazines for 15 years and decided to switch things up. Not only did he have a love for writing, but he had (and still has) a love for horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

Thomas-Knight began his blog in December of 2011, and it delves deeper into the horror spectrum. It doesn’t just involve horror movies (like most do). The subculture of horror includes reviews of anything horror related for Thomas-Knight. He also enjoys writing about true life hauntings. The blog is a fun way for Thomas-Knight to revisit what he enjoys in the horror universe.

Thomas-Knight has written over 50 short stories and articles. His blog, “Parlor of Horror,” contains anything from horror collectibles, model-kits, artwork, and artists. But let’s be honest, his blog is a world within a world. It features anything you can think of within the horror realm. I’m positive there will be something to catch your eye!

Similarly to my blog, Thomas-Knight also writes about haunted places from time to time. He wrote about The Old Huntington Burial Grounds, Lake Ronkonkoma and King Zog’s Castle Ruins.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of Thomas-Knight’s novels, scroll through his author page and click on the novel of your choosing. Do you want to know how the latest horror film of this year was? Don’t be afraid to check out his reviews!

Thomas-Knight writes a really insightful blog about the horror we love.


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