Stepping Into the Paranormal World With Joanne and Pat

Photo of Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey team taken by PCINJ.

Joanne Emerson and Pat Kibby are the founders of Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey (PCINJ). Both women agreed that everyone has their own reasons as to why people get involved with a paranormal group, possibly from their own experiences.

How the investigations work:

Kibby explained to me that the team tries to gather information about the cases before going to the house for better insight. When getting to the house, the team asks for more information as far as how long the people lived there, when it started, etc. The team tries to debunk any type of flawed information. For example, if the owners hear banging, it could be from pipes. Usually the sounds are not of a natural occurrence.

PCINJ will then head back and formulate a plan. When the team goes back to the house, they try to get a sense of where the activity happens (in what rooms) for further investigation.

How PCINJ get spirits to crossover:

Usually a medium connects what is happening in the spirit realm to what is happening in our realm. PCINJ has a great medium on their team, but if paranormal groups don’t have a medium, they may have to rely on finding out the history of the house, history of any deaths or the history of the spirit’s life.

It comes down to the spirit and their choice to crossover. Some are scared, some have unfinished business (left someone in the living world).


Emmerson spoke about a haunting at a house in the Cedar Run area:

The outcome:

The couple didn’t mind the spirits until the dogs became affected. One of the dogs, Mac, was so upset that he wouldn’t stop shivering, bark at nothing and then try to get under the covers.

The team got it under control. They found evidence of a little boy that lingered downstairs and a man that lingered upstairs (two different zones). The man was a meaner spirit that would harass the dogs. The couple didn’t want to make the spirits crossover, they just wanted them to be controlled. Things still happen there, but not to the extent of needing PCINJ.


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